3 Types of People Involved in Affiliate Marketing

During your affiliate marketing trip, it is essential to know that you will meet three different types of people. It is crucial to know who they are because you need to know how to deal with them.

Each group is different and presents its challenges. If you understand how the different people in the groups behave, you will be better prepared to deal with them and be in their good books.

Let’s look at the groups now.

The publishers

The “publishers” refer to partners like you. These are the people who create niche websites or run YouTube channels or Facebook groups. Even the affiliates that use paid ads can be considered publishers.

The goal of most publishers is to publish relevant content or ads that attract people who click on their links and buy the affiliate products they promote. Publishers are your “competition”, and you need to watch them closely.

If you have a niche fishing tips site where you promote fishing related products, the other sites that turn up on the first page of search results are your competition. These may be affiliated companies or actual brand companies selling their products.

You will find that there may be an overlap here, as the affiliated companies may also sell their products. Let’s take a look at the next group to get a better picture.

The advertisers

The ‘advertisers’ relates to the companies that manufacture the products you advertise. They recruit affiliates to handle sales, and they also advertise themselves to increase their sales.

An affiliate who advertises the products of other companies, but also creates his own products for sale, is now included in the group of advertisers. Similarly, the company that sells fishing rods and publishes many fishing tips and content on its official blog is now a publisher.

The groups may, therefore, overlap. The vital thing to know is that while you can compete with other publishers, you can also connect with them to promote their products if they are also sellers. So your competition has now become a mutually beneficial relationship.

At the same time, the publisher whose products you have promoted could be ranked on many of the keywords you are targeting because their marketing is to the point. So the provider you were trying to support has now become your competition.

Unfortunately, the tangled webs that we weave! In general, companies try not to compete with their partners. But if you notice that the one you support is competing with you, you need to rethink your marketing strategy and see if you still want to support them.

The consumers

This group is undoubtedly the most important of the three. Consumers are the people who come online seeking information and solutions to their problems. Most of them do not come to spend money or buy things.

They want help. Your job is to give them enough information to ease them a little and wake their appetite for more details that will help them sort out their problems faster and easier.

If you have a website about back pain, the content of your site can talk about the different reasons for back pain, and some natural remedies that could help. However, if you want to bring much-needed relief, you can mention that the special “Pain Away Pulse Massager” has been proven to help many back pain sufferers.

Now, not only is this visitor better informed about their condition and has a selection of home remedies to try, but they have also been subtly introduced to a product that will bring them much needed immediate relief.

What do you think they will do?

Immerse yourself in the Epsom salts home bath, which is a home remedy, or gets the pulse massager to relieve your pain quickly?

Most of them will get the heart rate monitor. The content you provide them with is a vehicle that not only helps them be better informed but also carries them through the invisible journey they must make to get from the reader to buy.

Understand the different people involved in this affiliate marketing cycle, and you will be much smarter in your marketing efforts.

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