6 Points You Should Pay Attention To When Selecting The Products To Promote

If you, as an affiliate marketer, choose a niche for marketing, it should ideally offer a wide variety of products. There should be a mix of physical and digital products to appeal to a variety of customers within the same niche.

There are several points to consider when choosing products to market in your niche. Sometimes things can get tricky, and what is quickly picked up by some people in the niche can be ignored by others.

It is, therefore, vital to present the right product to the right person at the right time to maximize sales. Below are a few tips to help guide you.

  1. Does it fit your niche?

This is an essential point. You need to know what your crowd is searching for. If you are in the golf niche, promoting bodybuilding supplements like Mass Gainers could be a flop. However, an eBook on improving shoulder strength can be a hit for people hoping to improve their golf swing.

You need to be aware of the needs and problems of your audience. A busy mother who wants to lose weight will quickly buy a guide that shows how to get rid of fat with 15-minute interval workouts. However, the same guide will not be so eagerly purchased by women who want to lose weight with a simpler program such as yoga.

As you can see, the products that will interest your audience are different, even if the problem is the same. So you need to understand your niche and expect a period of trials.

  1. Supplier

Another factor you should look at is the seller. When you advertise products on Amazon, you don’t have to worry too much. Everyone trusts Amazon, and they do an excellent job of selling.

However, if you are promoting a weight loss guide from another website, the author’s references are essential. An overweight person selling a fitness program or a hairless person selling a hair growth formula will not inspire confidence in anyone. Check the credibility of the seller.

  1. Sales page

Is the sales copy for the product compelling? This applies to both tangible and intangible items. Is the gadget available at Amazon in different colors? Is the description accurate and persuasive? Read the sales copy and question yourself if you would buy the item. If you would, your website visitor or subscriber would probably buy it too.

  1. Do you solve a problem with this?

Products that solve problems will always sell better than those that just serve to satisfy needs. No one thinks twice about buying aspirin when they have splitting headaches, but the cool sunglasses that cost $180 may require a lot more convincing on your part.

  1. Reviews

Check out the testimonials and customer reviews on the website. Amazon makes this easy by providing reviews and ratings from verified customers. Promote products with a high rating and many positive reviews. The same applies to digital products. You might even want to ask the seller to email you a review copy.

Send him or her a link to your website and mention that you want to promote his or her product, but that you want to rate it first. Many sellers will gladly comply with your request. If they do not, go ahead and find another product.

  1. Trends

Finally, you should check Google Trends to see if there is a demand for the product. Sometimes products are trendy because of a craze, but then everything suddenly drops down.

Think about squirming and Pokemon Go now you get an idea of how quickly craziness can begin and end. Stick with promoting evergreen products that are popular but have stable trends.

These are the tips to watch out for when choosing which products to promote. Proceed with care in your research and recommend only proven and profitable products to your audience. This will ensure their trust for you, and your reputation remains unharmed.

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