Rule One In Affiliate Marketing: Know your audience

The first secret of successful affiliate marketing is to know your audience so well that you can intuitively predict which products they will like and which they would avoid. To get to this point, it requires some effort and research on your part.

You must do this before you even start marketing in your niche. One reason why so many partners have so much trouble converting readers into buyers is that they don’t know their audience.

Follow the tips below, and you’ll be better prepared.

Do you have a client’s avatar?

Who will you turn to when you address a niche? If you are addressing the niche of weight loss for women, how old will your reader be? Is she a mother or single? How much time do you think she will have per day to exercise? Is she a career woman or a housewife?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself so that you can get a clear picture of who you are addressing. If you are writing for a woman in her fifties, she could be a career woman or a housewife. In most cases, she will not try to lose weight after pregnancy.

In general, she will try to lose weight with gentler exercise programs like Pilates or yoga. So you can skip hardcore interval exercise programs and focus more on promoting yoga DVDs, yoga mats, etc.

Even though some questions will overlap and you don’t need to be too specific, you need to have a general idea of who you are talking to. This will allow you to tailor your message accordingly.

Where do they hang out?

Finding your target audience will be your next task. By simply browsing the forums where they hang out, you can learn a lot about the niche and the gaps that are not filled by the market. You can then target these areas with your marketing.

Besides, it is helpful to know where your audience is when it comes to generating traffic later.

What are their problems?

The forums, Facebook groups, and other places where your audience gathers will often have questions and problems that those in need of help will mention. This is a real treasure trove of information.

Find out what mutual problems your market has in common and tackle them effectively. You will get many more sales and quite a loyal audience.

Which products will help them?

Very often, in your research, you will see similar products that have helped people with their problems, and some other products will not be viewed favorably. Take notes here and promote popular products and avoid the stinkers.

Are there any other problems they might have?

Some niches can be connected without you even noticing. For example, the man who wants to lose weight and be torn up can also do this to attract more women. He will probably also be interested in guides that show him how to pick up women, etc.

This is a trendy industry online with tons of sales. You might want to experiment and try promoting a pickup artist guide and see how it works for you. If it is well received, you know that you can plan to market it more often. If it doesn’t, you can throw it away and move on.

If you follow the tips above, you will become a better affiliate marketer, and your readers will devour your content.
You will be the pied piper in your niche, and your loyal readers will follow you wherever you lead them. Once you reach this stage, you will be an excellent affiliate marketer.

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